Lessons from Farming Part 2: Protect Your Seedling


There are so many lessons we can learn from the farmer as it relates to business and personal goals. In my last blog, I described the different seasons and how it takes TIME and EFFORT to grow things from seed and reap a harvest. Now, I want to take you one step further and hone in on one particular aspect of that waiting period: the seedling season.


Once seeds have been sown and watered and exposed to sunlight, up comes the seedling! This is the first sign of growth and can be both exciting and frustrating; exciting because what you did is working, yet frustrating because the harvest hasn’t yet come. Can you see the parallel? You have started your business, told everyone you know, made your business cards, set up your website, and then you get your first couple of clients. You are soaring with excitement! But then something happens. It becomes harder to close a sale and business stays the same or declines slightly. The frustration can then set in.


This is a pivotal moment in the life of an entrepreneur, or anyone starting something new. The sprout has popped up but it’s not yet bearing fruit. Now is the time to PROTECT that sprout from damage and continue to water and give it sunlight. Thoughts fuel our actions, and if we get frustrated and discouraged, we are essentially destroying the sprout. In their discouragement, some people quit doing the things they know to do and some abandon the field altogether (especially if their neighbor’s field is bearing fruit and we are comparing our field to theirs, thinking “If only I had planted THAT kind of seed, I’d have a harvest right now!”).


The truth of the matter is, when you understand the principle of seasons, you will understand that there WILL be a harvest in time if you continue to be faithful and consistent, like the farmer.  Stay positive and don’t give up! Keep making those calls, continue to give the best customer service, keep your shelves clean and stocked, and continue to produce good teaching. In time, your efforts WILL pay off!


If you can relate and are in this season of protecting your seedlings, here are a couple of coaching questions for you to consider:

  • What mindsets do you need to tweak to ensure you stay positive and moving forward?

  • What actions do you need to stay consistent in, while you learn a new skill?